Asking couples how they know they have found the person for them is a difficult thing to do. Most of them would vaguely answer you with “I just know we just clicked,” or “I just realized we were so compatible” with a half-shrug. While these answers are legitimate in their own right, they can be somewhat unhelpful as pointers for single individuals who are eager to find out how to find their significant other.   

And because we believe that everyone deserves a person, we are here to help you. We interviewed several couples as well as therapists, matchmakers, and psychologists and made a consensus of the telltale signs that you have found your lifetime partner. And of course, if you think you have found the one, it is now the time to consider going to engagement rings Albany NY, and look for a fitting ring.  

  1. There is a feeling of familiarity – while this can sound a little bit cliché, most happy couples admit that they feel this unexplainable closeness even from the start. Accor ding to a famous author who writes books about relationships, you would know he is the one when he seems familiar – the way they touch, smell, taste, scent, or even the way they use language or behave. While your soul mate may not feel completely familiar, they would never feel alien to you when you first meet them. In fact, you would feel a sense of déjà vu, as if the moment you are with them has already taken place in the past.   
  1. Although you love their presence and company, you are both encouraged to have separate hobbies and life outside the relationship – one of the telling signs that you are both compatible is that you do not lose your hobbies and life outside the relationship. While both of you like to have each other’s company, you both encourage each other to spend time with family and friends. The best partnership is when you feel safe and secured even if your partner is with some people they are close with, and they also feel the same with you.   
  1. They care about your opinion and preferences and you care about theirs – you know you are with someone whom you can communicate with when they listen to your opinions, remember what you say, and builds on it later.   
  1. You fight, yes, but fairly – happy relationships do not mean no fights. Happy relationships still have conflicts but they know how to navigate options to solve problems and they do not point fingers at their partners. The moment you blame each other because of conflicts, it already indicates that you already lost the partnership and you stop operating as a team.   
  1. The relationship is easy – when couples describe their courtship as easy, it is when we say that they have found their perfect match. Remember that all relationships have difficulties and problems, but when friendship and care are there, everything would be easy to overcome. When you feel that sense of friendship in the relationship, everything would be relatively easy.