Did you know that Aloha State, which is widely known as Hawaii, is the sole rabies-free state within the United States? Rabies still doesn’t have a cure, and such a disease is nearly always fatal. Hence, once it reaches the territory of Hawaii, it could risk the island’s people, wildlife, and the entire ecosystem. Because of that, there are strict regulations and rules mandated once you enter this state with a pet. Check out more below to know the things you must consider before?PCSing to Hawaii?and bring your pet with you.? 

Required Documentation 

Listed below are some of the important documentation you need to present to the Hawaiian embassy: 

  • Documentation submission: You’ll be required to get two certificates for rabies vaccination, a cat and dog import form, and a health certificate. But if you’re not bound to Oahu, you’ll need to fill up the Neighbor Island Inspection Permit.? 
  • Microchip: Such a microchip needs to match the blood test sample of your pet. Hence, if your pet already has a chip, bring him to the vet and have it checked if it works properly.? 
  • OIE-FAVN: This is known as a rabies blood test, which is done just in 2 approved labs within the United States—mainly in Texas and in Kansas. The test result will present whether your pet has acquired and formed rabies antibodies. As much as possible, you need to wait approximately 3 weeks after the last shot to perform such a test. After you receive the outcomes, you’ll need to wait for 120 days before you can go to Hawaii.? 
  • Rabies Vaccination: Your pet should get 2 rabies vaccinations and must be done 30 days apart. Then, the next shot should be provided at least 90 days before you can go to Oahu. If you skip the 90 days waiting time, then your pet will be required to undergo quarantine.? 

Forbidden Animals and Pets for Moving to Hawaii 

According to the regulations mandated by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Plant Quarantine Branch, some animals cannot enter the premises of Aloha State. For instance, all non-domesticated birds, horses, dogs, and cats are prohibited to enter Hawaii, as well as hamsters, toucans, bees, snails, ferrets, poisonous frogs, lizards, and snakes. So, you should guarantee to inspect whether your pet can move with you in Hawaii since all illegal transportations will be subjected to extreme punishments. In that case, you need to do thorough research regarding this matter before you finally decide to do it.? 

Quarantine Rules as You Move to Hawaii with Pets 

  • 5 Day-or-Less Program 

After you’ve promptly submitted all of the documents and your pet has undergone the 120-day waiting period from the OIE-FAVN test, your pet will either be released right away or will be quarantined for a 5-day max at Honolulu Airport for a fee.? 

  • 120-day program 

If you can’t wait to move to Hawaii, your pet will be required to wait 120 days in approved and selected animal hospitals.